• The Besmirchers - Lifestyles of the Poor & Ugly
  • Jack Acid - Gutless
  • U.S. Bombs - Riot Sirens
  • The Blankz - White Baby
  • U.S. Bombs - Straight to Hell
  • U.S. Bombs - Midnight Run
  • The Cocky Bitches - TV's OK
  • The Linecutters - Anxiety
  • The Father Figures - Ego vs. Ego
  • Feederz - Stealing
  • Political Crap - Slow Death
  • Firesports - No Dreams
  • The Brainz - Tarra
  • Nip Drivers - Fox On The Run
  • Scorpion vs. Tarantula - Molly O.
  • Exterminators - Static Planet
  • The Scandals - Can't Stop Us
  • FuckEmos - The Screams of Wild Women
  • The Christian Family - Just A Child
  • Nip Drivers - Talk About Cars
  • FuckEmos - Lengerie Dreams
  • The Bulemics - How I Roll
  • Nip Drivers - Nip Driver
  • Surfbort - Trash
  • FuckEmos - Hot Fire
  • The Besmirchers - Behind The Candelabra
  • Red Squares - Time Change
  • Our Neighbors Suck - Skullkrusher
  • Mighty Sphincter - Ghost Walking
  • Insurrection - LTC 203
  • FuckEmos - Speedo

Founded in 2015, Slope Records is a fast-growing independent record label specializing in vinyl-only reissues by punk pioneers and releases by vital current artists.

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Exterminators - Product of America - Slope Records
Exterminators - Slope Records

Exterminators "Product of America" 12" Now Available!

In 1977, several young dudes came together in Arizona, bashed out some songs, and damaged a few brain cells along the way while helping to lay the foundation for the Phoenix underground music scene to come. Don Bolles (Germs/Ariel Pink), Dan Clark (Feederz/Victory Acres), Doug Clark (Mighty Sphincter), and Cris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) have resurrected the Exterminators here in 2016, recording “Product of America” for Slope Records. Wrap your earballs around this 12″ now!

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