Slope Records

In some ways, Slope Records began to exist when the first punk rock records came out.

Loud, brash, full of hope and hurt, the voice of a disenfranchised population and the necessity, not desire, to break new ground created Slope Records.

Since 2015, Slope Records has strived to put out a mix of old and new music. We deeply love the roots of punk rock, especially in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, but understand the need to spread the word about good music happening today, as well. We know where we’ve been and celebrate the past, but the future is where we are going.

We believe the record industry doesn’t have to suck, nor does it need to be the enemy of creativity, passion, or straight up, balls to the wall, rock the fuck out musicality. Slope Records is not your father’s record company, even if we’re old enough to be his brother and we don’t believe there are rules we have to play along with outside of doing right by our bands, our customers, and ourselves.

We invite you to join us. Build and create the music and community you want instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. Here at Slope Records, we’re never going to sit around and wait for the next big thing. We’re going to be right in the middle of the action making noise and having fun.

Slope Records