Surfbort - Slope Records


Surfbort’s nihilistic art-damaged brand of punk rock from Brooklyn, NY.

Punk is hard to define… But isn’t it essentially power, attitude, not giving a fuck about norms or trends? It’s hard to be punk when punk is trendy. After all, if it’s cool, aren’t you just following something, which is in itself the opposite of punk? But Surfbort stays true to it.
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Channeling the nihilism of the Sex Pistols, the intentional sloppyness of the slacker bands of the 90s, and at times even some noise rock madness, Surfbort’s music has the power to transform the negatives of teenage frustration into fun – which is precisely the reason why Greek God Dionysus sent to earth his son Chuck Berry to spread the sound of Rock’n’Roll to the masses.
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The Deli Magazine

With Riot Grrrl-esque vocals and total indifference towards whatever box you’d like to draw around them. You get the sense that these are a bunch of kids never colored inside the lines.
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No Such Punk

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