The Bulemics

The Bulemics deliver pure hostility from Austin’s longest-running punk rock wrecking ball with buzzsaw punk ‘n’ roll that gets stuck in your mind like a fishing hook.

For the Bulemics, punk isn’t about getting a serious sociopolitical message across; it’s strictly a way to have fun, and their idea of fun is being as crude, tasteless, and offensive as possible.
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This band is a five man trainwreck that crashes’n’burns’n’bleeds on stage whilst rippin’ out ripped off garagy AC/DC homages with fun titles like “Die Tonight,” “Dial ‘M’ For Murder,” “The Harlot From Beyond” (all off of last year’s Junk release, Old Enough to Know Better…), or just check out their fine new Man’s Ruin EP, Blurred Vision and Twisted Thoughts. You’ll get the idea.
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Everything one could garner about the Bulemics without hearing their music — song titles, album title, band title — would lead to the conclusion that these boys have a penchant for extreme naughtiness, oozing with surfeit self-exaggeration. Bingo.
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