Jack Acid

Jack Acid raw undeniable intense-ness and brutality, that can only be experienced live and up close.

Dead 77

Dead 77 bring the noise, power, and punk rock fury needed in this time of Trump’s America.

The Linecutters

The Linecutters are a three-piece band that have been performing their intensely off kilter brand of hardcore since 2013.

Nip Drivers

What separates the Nip Drivers from other punk rock peers is a fantastic combination of killer riffs, attitude, and a razor sharp sense of humor.


In the mid-’80s, Tucson’s Useless Pieces of Shit (UPS) slathered ahead-of-its-time speed punk on a town obsessed with boring neo-pyschedelia.


One of the few Tempe bands Phoenix punks would drive to the east side to see on a regular basis, Insurrection brought the attitude, guts, and killer riffs the locals were craving in the mid-to-late 1980s.

The Bulemics

The Bulemics deliver pure hostility from Austin’s longest-running punk rock wrecking ball with buzzsaw punk ‘n’ roll that gets stuck in your mind like a fishing hook.

The Besmirchers

The Besmirchers bring mentally deranged “fuck you” brand punk from Tucson.