The Dickies

The Dickies are an American punk rock band formed in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles in 1977.

Dead 77

Dead 77 bring the noise, power, and punk rock fury needed in this time of Trump’s America.

The Freeze

Since their inception in 1978, The Freeze have the distinction of being the first punk rock band from Cape Cod, MA.


MAN HANDS make no apologies. MAN HANDS doesn’t boast of their talents. MAN HANDS simply rocks like no one else has in the desert for a long time.

Freaks of Nature

The Freaks of Nature are dumping buckets of primitive, fuzz-drenched “Back from the Grave”-style ’60s garage punk all the over world with their explosive brand of proto-punk ka-pow!


Perhaps the most infamous first-wave Phoenix band of all time, the Feederz were boundary-pushing, outrageous, and beautifully offensive.


Real deal first generation Phoenix punks, Exterminators, harken the days of yore while retaining a timeless punk rock sound any seasoned degenerate will love.

The Christian Family

Gospel garage rockers for the end times, the Phoenix boy-girl duo, The Christian Family, peels off catchy lo-fi nuggets with charm to spare.

Scorpion Vs. Tarantula

Bred in Michigan and raised in Arizona, Phoenix-based punk ‘n’ rollers Scorpion Vs. Tarantula stuff their no-frills, high-impact sledgehammer punk ‘n’ roll down blood-gargling throat.

Red Squares

A snapshot of Phoenix’s punk origins, Red Squares are slashing, tuneful Killed by Death-style classic punk rock from 1981.

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