ILD Official Distributor of Slope Records

ILD Official Distributor of Slope Records Distro powerhouse and all around radical bunch of cats over at Independent Label Distribution have officially announced that the entire catalog of Slope Records vinyl releases and reissues will be exclusively available on booklet worldwide.

New MRR & Razorcake July Ad

Slope Records ad in the July Issues of Maximum Rocknroll and Razorcake Just in time for your new summer toilet-reading material, Slope Records is tapping the marketing fund to bring you a spiffy new half-page print ad in July's issues of both Maximum Rocknroll and Razorcake fanzines.

Viva La Vinyl!

Viva La Vinyl - Slope Records Well here we are about 6 months into the making of Slope Records and it's been a blast to work with past and present artists to build a great label. Stay tuned to our newsletters and social dysfunction to keep your eyes and ears on the pulse of Slope Records, and enjoy our new website.
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