Mikey Borens ’57 – ’16

Mikey Borens 1957 - 2016 Mikey Borens died recently. Some will recognize his name from his time in The Romans or maybe his part of the LA music scene over the past 35+ years, but for many Phoenicians, Mikey was best known for his role as the bass player from The Consumers, the first punk rock band in Arizona.

Ron ‘ReXless/Reckless’ Grotjan ’51-’16

Ron 'ReXless/Reckless' Grotjan 8/15/51-6/6/2016 What is there to say about Ron Reckless? His last name really wasn't "Reckless" or "Rexless" or "Rxless" as it has been written time after time in print, on records, or represented by the young and old punks who admired him. It was Grotjan. Ronald Grotjan.