Firesports featuring Duane Peters - Slope Records

Slope Records is very excited to make this archival release available to fans of Duane Peters and the early 80’s sound Firesports represents. It will take you back in time a bit, even though it’s probably something even longtime fans of Peters’ work have never heard. At Slope Records, we bridge the past, present, and future of punk rock one record at a time.

Firesports is Duane Peters in a dark and weary place, but creating some of his most interesting music. Drug-fueled post-punk dirges lost in time, Firesports is the needle and flame to the spoon full of dope. Inject it in your veins and feel the metronome’s pulse of tangential darkness wash across you, through you, and finally, in you. Lo-fi to the core, this Firesports – San Francisco 1984 7″ Single was mastered from a once forgotten cassette tape and is a testament to the mid-80s wreckage Peters and his band mates inflicted on their souls.

Keep your ears peeled for this album’s release in mid-April, 2017.


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