FuckEmos Can Kill You Vinyl Release Party @ Dozen Street, ATX, May 21, 2016

Photographer: Steven Rudd

The FuckEmos release show at Dozen Street in ATX on the evening of May 21st was full of flying beer, a casual fist fight from the pit and lots of spilled Lone Star. Slope Records took executive precautions to travel to Austin with our cohort and most talented photographer, Steven Rudd, to witness the unhinged debauchery that comes hand-in-hand with a FuckEmos’ “Can Kill You” release party.

We were joined by what seemed like hundreds of smelly and sweaty, yet wonderfully pleasant Austin punk rockers whose only goal for the evening was to leave the venue with a few new bruises and a searing ringing in their ears. Luckily with the help of supporting band, and Slope Records artist, Surfbort, that goal was achieved with flying colors of mostly red and brown. Go check out the full gallery here.

We’re still in mourning from the spilled Lone Star. Together we will get by, somehow.



  1. c taylor

    June 10, 2016 (16:04) Reply

    Where’s a pic of the other guitar player, Brian McGee?????

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