Ever Feel Like You’ve Been Fucked?

Feederz - WWHD 7in album cover - Slope Records New Feederz record out soon on Slope Records. Frank Discussion, Clear Bob, and DH Peligro are back and taking aim at President Drumpf and the sheep he rode in on.

Feederz are Back

Feederz Are Back - Photos by Jim Hesterman - Slope Records Feederz are back with 4 brand new songs on 2 upcoming Slope Records 7in EPs releasing in early 2017. Check out the photo gallery by Jim Hesterman.

The Linecutters – Pirates of Suburbia EP

The Linecutters - Pirates of Suburbia - Slope Records Slope Records is both proud and excited to welcome Gilbert AZ's, The Linecutters, to our growing family with their debut EP, Pirates of Suburbia hitting your turntables in mid-February 2017.

Mikey Borens ’57 – ’16

Mikey Borens 1957 - 2016 Mikey Borens died recently. Some will recognize his name from his time in The Romans or maybe his part of the LA music scene over the past 35+ years, but for many Phoenicians, Mikey was best known for his role as the bass player from The Consumers, the first punk rock band in Arizona.
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