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FuckEmos - W.A.G.P.S.G.? Limited Edition Vinyl 7" EP

Slope Records’ seventh release with FuckEmos’ unreleased 2 song 7″ EP, W.A.G.P.S.G? is pressed on orange vinyl, and is a real collector nug. These two songs bring sounds of Butthole Surfers and Devo into the mind melting ATX psyc punk genius by the one and only FuckEmos.

Slope Records
FuckEmos - W.A.G.P.S.G? - Slope Records

FuckEmos – W.A.G.P.S.G.?

  • Members
    Sean Powell – drums
    Ed Rancourt aka Ed the Creep – guitar
    Brian McPee – guitar
    Brent Prager – bass
    Russell Porter – vocals

  • Release

  • Catalog

  • Credits
    Executive Producer – Thomas Lopez
    Artwork – Don Rock
    Layout – Mike Fisher

  • Stats
    Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single, Limited Edition, Stereo, Orange Vinyl, packaged with a digital download card

Cred From the Credible

“Aliquam vel risus fermentum, maximus ligula non, tincidunt leo. Integer ac porttitor elit, bibendum fermentum enim. Sed tincidunt pharetra nibh a rutrum.”

Slope Records

Slope Records is a Phoenix, Arizona based vinyl-only record label founded in 2015. Started by Phoenix native, Thomas Lopez, the label caters to fans and collectors of first-wave punk as well as contemporary hardcore, garage, psych, and rock ‘n’ roll acts. All records are pressed on highest quality vinyl and the packaging is designed with vinyl aficionados in mind. In addition to their commitment to quality, the label is committed to tirelessly promoting the music they love and curating the history of the scene that made Slope possible in the first place. Slope Records are purveyors of independent disruptive punk rock with releases by artists such as the Exterminators, Feederz, The Bulemics, FuckEmos, Nip Drivers, Surfbort, The Christian Family and many others.

The label is distributed by Independent Label Distribution. Radio promotion is handled in-house. For more information on Slope Records, or any artists on the label or album releases, please contact Ilka Erren Pardiñas at Fly PR • 323-667-1344 •