The Besmirchers – Hate Your Life LP

11 x 17 poster included! Art by John John Jesse

(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

Tucson’s The Besmirchers unleash another slab of punk the way it used to be with plenty of filth and fury. Hate Your Life wants all the bad things in life to happen to you and is ready to tell you all about it while it beats everybody around you senseless. PC punks will be triggered and that’s A-OK with these savages, but no we aint talking racist alt right bullshit. Lenny Mental is the last person to judge somebody cause of the color of their skin, where they’re from, or what kind of avenues they travel for pleasure. He’d much rather have a girl mistreating him then the other way around as well. Think the spirit of the Cramps, and early John Waters with a soundtrack in the style of 80s punk/hardcore, and it’s actually played by people who were involved at that time. Quit fantasizing about what it must’ve been like back then and make your own socially disturbing memories with these jerkoffs now.