• The Blankz - White Baby
  • The Blankz - Sissy Glue

The Blankz – White Baby


(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

“A” side, “White Baby” is a true story. The Blankz’ singer, Tommy Blank, comes from a unique background as he was adopted as an infant (of mainly Irish, French, and German heritage) into a Mexican family in Phoenix, Arizona. The considerable confusion that followed is something just about anyone can understand, but luckily for us, it resulted in a supportive family life for young Tommy and a killer song from his new band, The Blankz.

“B” side “Sissy Glue” weaves the classic tale of “Fun with inhalants” that is sadly lacking weirdo punk today. Just like huffin’ some righteous paint, “Sissy Glue” punches the listener right in the brain stem with a buzzy high that just won’t quit. Grab your favorite sock, a can of Krylon, and fire away. The brain cells you kill just may be your own.

Jack Rabid at Big Takeover Magazine

“This Phoenix five formed last year, but woah, they sound like terrific, long lost California punks! This is great 1977 stuff, like L.A.’s Skulls and Zeroes, S.F.’s Crime and Negative Trend, or eventual Orange County crashers Social Distortion, Crowd, and CH3. (Femme Nikki Blank’s sci-fi organ on “White Baby” and the quicker, X-esque flipside, “Sissy Glue,” is more like Akron’s Devo.) Having local 38-year Meat Puppets bassist/legend Cris Kirkwood produce cements that feeling; he gets the band’s rockin’, riffin’ spirit that drives Jamie Blank’s Ramones-y guitars through your skull. (Note how all five members’ surnames went “Blank.”) Best, it’s these tunes that grab you, especially “White Baby”—as insanely catchy as Social Distortion’s “1945,” No Alternative’s “Johnny Got His Gun,” and The Controllers’ “Electric Church.” Lastly, Tommy Blank’s exuberant vocals, and lyrics’ weighing his modern racial identity—a white kid raised by Mexicans—show smarts. It’s a complete package; bring on the fall LP.”

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