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Exterminators – Product of America LP


(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

The Exterminators were born in 1977 out of many of the same punk rock ingredients as their early peers: angst, empathy-by-force, impulse, and necessity. Several young dudes came together, bashed out some songs, and damaged a few brain cells along the way while helping to lay the foundation for the Phoenix underground music scene to come. Don Bolles (Germs/Ariel Pink), Dan Clark (Feederz/Victory Acres), Doug Clark (Mighty Sphincter), and Cris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) have resurrected the Exterminators here in 2016, recording Product of America for Slope Records.

Produced by Cris Kirkwood
Liner notes by Don Bolles

“Well, here’s the thing. I was, at first, very leery. I’ve listened to the Exterminators cd about six or seven times. That’s a lot for me when it comes to new music. I love Don (Bolles). I love his drumming. The playing on the record is great. Johnny Macho, to me, he’s the most important part. We’re speaking about Arizona, and what’s next to Arizona? Colorado. And another guy from Colorado is another one of these nasally, high pitched kind of vocalists and that would be Jello Biafra, and we’ve got that thing kind of going on here and that’s interesting. The Exterminator family tree thing is pretty fucking amazing.”

Keith Morris

“From the times where Watt got both fueled and catapulted by the movement is time-warp re-ignition from arizonaland of material that moves Watt much due to original drummerman Don teaming up w/old-time thudstaff wrasler Watt inspirer Cris delivering the vital feels way up into this now here moment. it put’s me way out as I do my tether-ball dance due to finding myself most resonating w/it cuz of it. Watt bows low w/much respect towards these exterminators’ direction. my recommend: get.”

Mike Watt

“Listening to these new Exterminators tracks brought a great big grin to my face…classic Phoenix punk rides again!”

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“Lost & Short-lived AZ based Germs-related proto-punk/hardcore unit, whose all-star line up happened to include a PreGerms era Don Bolles, paired up alongside future-heavyweights who would go on to form 45 grave & The Meat Puppets?? Um…Yes Please.”

Ariel Pink

“A must have for Germs and early Meat Puppets fans. 5 out of 5 stars.”

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