Moonlight Magic – Phoenixotica

(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

Q: What do you get when you combine four Phoenician garage-punk, roots & psych-folk mainstays with one NYC saxophonist transplant and feed them a steady diet of the most primitive and obscure Mid-Century lounge & exotica LP’s?

A: Moonlight Magic

“Moonlight Magic is a Phoenix-based lounge combo playing instrumental ’60s-style exotica, bossa nova, samba and lounge music. And if you follow local music, you’ll probably recognize some of the players: Jaime Paul Lamb (guitar), Andrew Jemsek (organ and accordion), Ruth Wilson (bass) and Eddy Detroit (drums and percussion). Still not sold? Check out their “Artists we like” on Facebook: Martin Denny, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Burt Bacharach, Luis Bonfa, Les Baxter, etc.”

– Ed Masley, AZ Central/Arizona Republic

“It’s rare when an instrumental ensemble can stand on its own with out being relegated to “background music”, and even more unusual that a band can define its own genre. There is no prior “lounge exotica” with the originality and mystique of MOONLIGHT MAGIC. These are experienced, informed musicians; hence the clever structure of their music alerts your ears to pay attention and go into “listening mode”— no “background” here. With surf-like themes drifting in and out of their live set, there is a musical atmosphere that is both reminiscent of the exotic 60’s and as relevant as NOW. MOONLIGHT MAGIC brings “lounge exotica” that is not “Background” Music; but more like a BACKDROP for the evening before you. It will be FAR OUT!”

Jeremie “bacpac” Franko has been writing, producing or hosting radio in New York and Arizona since 2000, and listens to all genres of music. She is currently the On-Air Host of Rockabilly Worldwide Mashup, featuring the global interpretation of American Roots music.