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Nip Drivers – Destroy Whitey EP


(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

Nip Drivers were totally insane and always on the verge of dancing one-legged in a sea of broken glass while taking the piss out of anyone or anything within spitting distance. Destroy Whitey is a record that needs to be played by only the most easily offended church going motherfuckers out there. In fact, all Lutheran ministers should buy two copies. One for themselves and one for the illegitimate child who lives in a shed behind the church.

I really really dug ‘dog and a cow’ way back when this came out in 1984 and you know what? I still really dig it now in 2016, I shit thee not!

Mike Watt

… destroy whitey is in my top 5 all time! Oh blessed.. is no slouch either!

Thurston Moore