The Blankz – (It’s A) Breakdown

(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

Check in or Check out!!! The BLANKZ are back with their latest banger “(It’s a) BREAKDOWN”! This is the latest offering in the band’s steady parade of hits beginning with “WHITE BABY” earlier this Summer. The timely lyrics focus on the mainstream media-induced ennui and mental malaise in the good ol’ U.S. of motherfucking A.! This tune has a synth hook that will get in your head like a tapeworm and never leave. “(It’s a) BREAKDOWN” is an unforgettable, instant CLASSIC! Oh, and did we mention that this slut comes with super-rad, ultra-modern 3D artwork? Glasses included!

Right now you can regularly hear The BLANKZ on revered radio shows like The Rodney Bingheimer Show on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, rippin’ Spotify playlists like “New Punk Tracks” and “Punk Unleashed,” and also, check your time machine, you can see The BLANKZ’ killer videos in regular rotation during Indie playlist time on M-(motherfucking)-TV. The BLANKZ are coming for you, your kids, and your parents, too.