• The Brainz - Tarra

The Brainz – Self Titled EP


(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

Check out the mustaches on these Brainz guys. Take a good look Really stare at the record sleeve for the Elementary Monster/Terra 7″ (1979, self-released) while you spin one of the two prog/punk gems contained therein. These are not men to trifle with and they are certainly not anyone you would want to go for a ride with in a primered Chevy Van missing a taillight and most of the interior door handles. The Brainz meant business and during their short lifespan as one of Phoenix’s earliest proto-punk incarnations, they cranked out what would become part of the calling card for avant-desert-acid punk that Phoenix is known for. Is it metal, is it punk, or is it prog rock? Who knows and who fucking cares. This hard to find rarity has everything the eclectic collector needs to impress even the most opinionated music snob. It’s rare, it’s weird, and it’s rockin’.