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The Christian Family – Self Titled EP


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The undisputed king and queen of Phoenix’s garage rock scene, Daniel Shircliff and Ann Seletos spread their message of l-u-v as The Christian Family on their debut 7-inch self-titled EP. These four songs of devotional punk are lo-fi in the best way possible: short, simple, impossibly catchy, cut-to-the-core 1960s-style garage rock. In the other words, the White Stripes this boy-girl duo ain’t. For fans of the Gories, Oblivians, and ’60s girl groups, The Christian Family EP comes pressed on avocado green vinyl and packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring full-color photos of these handsomely coiffed and nattily attired garage-punk darlings.

“I think the name ‘the Christian Family’ might make the punkers cringe. Isn’t that the punkest thing you can do?”
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Phoenix New Times

Stripped down bare but overflowing with huge garage rock hooks, this boy-girl duo’s tunes recall the best of ‘90s lo-fi heroes with an undeniably catchy nod to the girl groups of the 1960s. One guitar, three drums, and two voices are all that THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY needs to sink its teeth into you. This Phoenix duo has charm to burn.
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Pirates Press

It’s raw and direct, but there’s an almost childlike quality to the song, the mood on loan from a weird Sunday school class. The songs are far from Christian rock, but they aren’t quite secular either.
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Phoenix Magazine