The Linecutters – Knuckledragger EP

(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

Politically-charged and genre-bending, Knuckledragger shows how far Gilbert, Arizona’s Linecutters have come.

The Linecutters have always known how to put a song together, but on their latest EP, Knuckledragger, the Gilbert, Arizona band shows they are ready to become a force to be reckoned with on a national scale. They’ll never be the Cheeto-in-Chief’s favorite band, but they are definitely making heavy, noisy, weirdly melodic punk/metal great again. The title track puts the “Fuck you” back in “Fuck you, motherfucker” nice and proper and the other three tracks will put a smile on your face or make you want to put a knife in your hand. You decide which will work better.