• The Scandals - Can't Stop Us

The Scandals – This Country Is Going To Hell EP


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Slaying their way across Texas, the United States, and Europe, The Scandals’ unrelenting brand of street punk slaughters everything in its path. Like Motorhead on a four-day speed binge, this long-running Garland band is equal parts fury and fuck you, combining the thrash-y riffs of Discharge, the barking vocals of the Exploited, and the pummeling drive and tight songwriting of GBH. “Can’t Stop Us,” from the band’s new This Country Is Going Hell EP, is as much a challenge to anyone standing in the way of The Scandals as it is an extension of the band’s mission statement: Play music, tour forever. On swamp green vinyl packaged in a cool gatefold jacket featuring deadly cover art, The Scandals’ new four-song 7-inch EP is as pointed as liberty spikes and is essential listening for fans of UK82 street rock.

Be forewarned: to dismiss The Scandals as yet another stuck-in-the-past, “old man yells at cloud” punk band is to miss out on some surprisingly memorable, dynamic barnburners and a lot of seriously ripping guitar work.
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The Scandals - Can't Stop Us