U.S. Bombs – Road Case


(Artistic rendition may not mirror actual product)

The U.S. Bombs will never die. Even when the day comes where the band no longer plays shows or makes records, they will still be bombing away in our hearts. Love’em or loathe’em, you can’t deny their place in punk rock history and Road Case, the Bombs new LP on Slope Records is here to cement their place in the eternal lore of leather, spikes, and most importantly, mother fucking fun.

Opening track, “Riot Sirens” is classic Bombs all the way and when the Master of Disaster, Duane Peters, starts off with a line like, “Tonight’s the night, be ready for a riot…” you know it’s time to buckle up and take a ride with him and the boys that won’t let up until you need to flip the record to the other side.

Recorded in couple of sessions over 2017 and 2018, Road Case is an instant classic and when the band takes the show on the road in late 2018 and early 2019, you’ll want to be up close to see and hear these songs live.

Odes to skateboarding (“Pink Motel”) and struggle (“Refugee”) and excess (“Needles”) permeate this record, which is the first LP by U.S. Bombs since 2006. Road Case drops on November 23, 2018 and will be available here on Slope Records website, in record stores around the world, and from the band themselves on tour. Grab yours today!