The Freeze-Calling All Creatures


True believers everywhere unite! Conspiracy theorists and dark web connoisseurs rejoice! Neighborhood watch dogs and whistleblowers jump up and be counted because The Freeze have a record for you. Calling All Creatures is the first long player by The Freeze in twenty years and it is definitely worth the wait. Bill Close, Clif Hanger, Zack Carmichael, Lou Cataldo, and Aaron Hjalmarson bring the goods on this 12 track LP from Slope Records that kicks out the motherfuckin’ jams. With blazing riffs, sneering vocals, and rhythm section that kicks you right in the gut, Calling All Creatures is right up there with Rabid Reaction and Land Of The Lost. The Freeze are back, baby!


Disclaimer: Digital release will be available April 26th, Vinyl & CD release available after May 24th.

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Vinyl, CD, Cassette


  1. Bill Mclinion

    If thecentire album has the wisdom, determination and creative flourish that ive heard in the first 2 songs rekessed from this, then we’re about ready to get hit with one of the the top releases of the year… Thanks to The Freeze and to Slope records forfinally this great punk band the supportvthey deserve! Please play some shows in Florida!

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