The Dickies-I Dig Go-Go Girls


The Dickies covering Cheap Trick with Monkey from The Adicts on vocals? Are you fucking kidding me? Sign me up right goddamn now. Yes, friends, it’s true and the 7” is epic. The Dickies rock through Cheap Trick’s “I Dig Go Go Girls,” to which your favorite Droog, Monkey, adds leads vocals, and then on the B side, the band absolutely rules on their original song, “The Dreaded Pigasaurus.” Slope Records has never been so proud, and Leonard, Stan, and the rest of the Dickies have never been so loud. If you dig big guitars, throbbing bass, and bad ass drums, you’re in for a treat because the Dickies and Monkey can’t be beat.



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  1. Sean Kell

    After 18 years of waiting for a new release I was more than looking forward to this and now I have it was it worth the wait, of course it was. The production is excellent and Leonard and Monkey’s vocals complement each other very nicely. As always with a Dickies cover version it has been punked up but only a little as it has more of a resemblance to the original than many previous releases. The B side sees the Dickies and their well known quirky humour at its best. A, for me, great release and with the promise of one final album and a book to come there is still plenty of life in the band hopefully means they will tour the UK again one day.

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