Exterminators - Product of America - Slope Records

October 13, 2016 (Phoenix, AZ) – Slope Records announces collectable vinyl release for first-wave Arizona punk legends The Exterminators. The record titled, Product of America, drops on November 8th. The band features Don Bolles (Germs/Ariel Pink), Dan Clark (Feederz/Victory Acres), Doug Clark (Mighty Sphincter), and Cris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets). Kirkwood also produced the album.

Product of America, which was recorded in May of 2016, features songs culled from a rare cassette tape of the band performing live in 1978 with the original lineup including the late Rob Graves (45 Grave/Gun Club/Bags) on bass. The group disbanded that same year. Nearly 40 years later the band has been resurrected around this record release, with live shows planned for later this year.

The Bulemics - Something Wicked This Way Comes - Slope Records

Additional Slope Records releases garnering attention and excitement among fans and music critics alike includes The Bulemics’ Something Wicked This Way Comes (out now). The Austin Chronicle wrote “… sounding like the Dwarves on steroids.” All Music explains “The Bulemics were formed in Austin, TX in 1996… [but] their sound is reminiscent of classic Los Angeles bands like the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and the Germs.” New Noise magazine summarizes “If you appreciate the “musical” hostility of Zeke and The Hookers along with the substance of Dwarves and Fuckemos, then The Bulemics are a group you would appreciate in your life and on your turntable.”

FuckEmos - Tape 2 - Slope Records

Slope Records has released no less than three Fuckemos 12″ albums and one 7″ EP. This Austin psych-punk band is one of the label’s top sellers and another act formerly on the now defunct Man’s Ruin label. “The Fuckemos mixed slurred, druggy detachment with punk rock irreverence and undeniably catchy songwriting to become one of the most unlikely Red River-bred success stories of Austin’s early 1990s,” writes the Austin Chronicle.

Surfbort - ST - Slope Records

Surfbort’s self-titled 7″ is out now on Slope Records. This filth-punk band is from Brooklyn, New York where their nihilistic art-damaged music attracts fans of GG Allin, Pussy Galore, and Sonic Youth. Their music was featured on the second season finale of Broad City garnering them national attention. The band plays out frequently and tours.

The Christian Family - ST - Slope Records

The Christian Family are an Arizona band formed in 2015 by Daniel Shircliff (Freaks of Nature) on guitar and vocals and Ann Seletos (Cherie Cherie) on drums and vocals. Their music recalls garage and punk artists like the Gories, Oblivians, The Saints, and The Ramones. “We love love and we hate hate,” the band recently explained to the Phoenix New Times. “We just want people to come together, hear our message of love, dance, and have fun.” Their self-titled EP/7″ is out now. The band plays live regularly and tours.

Slope Records

Slope Records is a Phoenix, Arizona based vinyl-only record label founded in 2015. Started by Phoenix native, Thomas Lopez, the label caters to fans and collectors of first-wave punk as well as contemporary hardcore, garage, psych, and rock ‘n’ roll acts. All records are pressed on highest quality vinyl and the packaging is designed with vinyl aficionados in mind. In addition to their commitment to quality, the label is committed to tirelessly promoting the music they love and curating the history of the scene that made Slope possible in the first place. Slope Records are purveyors of independent disruptive punk rock with releases by artists such as the Exterminators, Freaks of Nature, Feederz, The Bulemics, Fuckemos, Nip Drivers, Surfbort, Christian Family and many others.

The label is distributed by Independent Label Distribution. Radio promotion is handled in-house. Carla Parisi at Kid Logic Media handles publicity for The Exterminators.

For more information on Slope Records, or any artists on the label or album releases, please contact Fly PR: T. 323-667-1344 E. flypr@flypr.net.


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