Sometimes You Have To Think For Yourself

It’s happened. The election is over, but what’s about to happen is much more important.

In January, we will officially have a new President. Regardless of which candidate you supported, or which you thought was the lesser of two evils, you are probably hoping the proverbial tide will change.

But the tide won’t change on Inauguration day. The tide is constant and it has to be. No tides on the earth, for example, and we’re all dead. The political tide has already changed, though, and will continue to change. We wonder what will come next. Will that change be for the better or for the worse? What will happen to us?

Whether you believe it or not, the next things that happen… the change you desire or the change you fear, they will only happen because of our choices. What you choose to do or not do will have more effect on your life than the choices of President Trump.

Donald Trump said, “Make America Great Again.” One egomaniacal, sexist, and (alleged) child rapist can’t do it alone. Depending on your perspective, America may not have been great yet. Maybe the slogan should have just been, “Make America Great.” If you have half a brain or even a passing interest, you know what we mean. Whatever your view of the United States, concerned citizen or skeptical neighbor, there is more than just room for improvement, there is the necessity to open our eyes and be willing to change.

Hillary Clinton’s slogans, “I’m With Hillary” and “Stronger Together” come up nearly as short as “Make America Great Again.” Saying, “I’m With Hillary” pre-supposes that she is, in turn, with me/us. Again, if you have half a clue, you know this isn’t the case unless you are wealthy and can further the agenda 95% of those in current political power in the USA. It should have said, “I’m With Hillary and she’s with, well, we’re not quite sure who she’s with, but she sure talks good and looks nice in a pantsuit.”

“Stronger Together” presents a more interesting case.

We are “Stronger Together,” even if we can’t all agree on everything. In fact, we are “Stronger Together,” as a citizenship than we all realize. Imagine if all of us boycotted a single national business. What if no one shopped at Wal-Mart ever again? Here in Arizona, Discount Tire donated $1,000,000 to stop the legalization of marijuana. What if, now that their side has succeeded, everyone who enjoyed smoking pot boycotted Discount Tire? About ½ of their customers, and maybe more, would go away.

We’re never going to agree on everything and that’s ok. Hell, that’s a good thing. Take a look around this website. You probably aren’t going to like every band we put out and that’s ok, too. Although, if you do like them all, we’re pretty happy about that, but even if you don’t, we’ll keep doing our best to put out music that you do like. More importantly, at least to us, we’re going to put out music that we like and believe speaks to something bigger, weirder, more rockin’, and adds something to our world that we all need, which is that combination of joy and anger that is the spirit of punk rock. We want to promote thinking, that’s for sure, even if it is not what we exactly think, and continue to work hard every day to make our community better, even if it just one punk rock record at a time.

We will commit to cranking out great records for the next four years. What are you willing to commit to make your community better? That’s the most important question today.


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